Free $50 Gift Certificate to Try Touchstone Products on Me

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Free $50 Touchstone Gift Card on your first order. No gimmicks...  Really?

How Do I Get Well endorses Touchstone Essentials.

How many times has a company given you products to try that are 1 or 2 small pills or packets and you know that you will not learn anything from just 1 or 2 of anything?

Touchstone Essentials is giving you an amazing opportunity to try their products with a Double Benefit of a Free $50 Gift Card to try them on your first order but also will honor a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you don't like it, trust it, believe, don't like the taste or just don't like the bottle, return it and get a 100% refund of your money.

How can you lose?  Well, you can't.  So, stop self guessing yourself and give Touchstone Essentials a serious try.  I promise you won't regret it.  Why?

Certified Organic - meaning their are no chemicals in the products... Ever!

Processed at the Farm - meaning they will capture the purity, essence and vitamin and mineral content you would expect from a Top of the Line company like Touchstone Essentials. 

Costs less than Store Bought - to buy certified organic, farm fresh, clean, process and produce the products Touchstone Essentials has is just too costly to do from the grocery store, yet Touchstone is able to do it by growing on farms that are pure, processed in the field and provided for you to enjoy and keep the cost to less than what you would pay to do it yourself.  Amazing!!!

Costs less than Competitors - hey, I've compared and I find that Touchstone Products are less and sometimes far less than the competition.  When you factor in Quality and Ease of Use, well, Touchstone Essentials is hands down, the best. 

Uncompromising Quality - Touchstone Essentials will not compromise!  After all the years of being in business and struggling to tell their story, they still will not compromise on the quality of the materials going into the Touchstone Products.  Let me explain - I talked with a guy that is working with Touchstone to help them increase sales and the bottom line of profits.  He went to Eddie Stone and said that if he used inferior products, Eddie could use the same labels and still be within the law but not have to pay as much for the ingrediants by 2 thirds.  That's huge, yet Eddie would not allow it.  He would not compromise.  That's the mark of a Great Company!  And people love it.  Touchstone Essentials is doubling their growth every year.  

Super Convienant - have you ever juiced yourself?  Of coarse you have and it's costly, messy and then you get so full that you don't know if you are getting all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy.  Yup, you can try but you're just guessing.  Am I right?  Yup, I am.  And it's easy to take the Touchstone Products anywhere.

Touchstone Essential Products help Restore the Body - the body heals itself but it needs proper cleansing and proper nutrients to do so.  That's what Touchstone does and it works.  People all over the world are praising the health benefits of the Touchstone Essential products, from Detox, to Nutrition, to Weight Loss to just plain old Feeling Better.

If that doesn't convince you then I can't help you... these are awesome reasons why, and as I figure out more, I'll share them with you. Promise!

So, ask me for a Free $50 Gift Card to get started on your first order and try them out with full bottles, no gimmicks and no squelching on the quantity... then you can see why I am pleased as punch with Touchstone Essentials and the amazing products they have for Health and Wellness. 

Just send me a message and I'll get the $50 Free Gift Card to you ASAP.  They do expire so you need to use it right away.  Don't ask if you are just going to sit on it.  Then it won't be any good and you won't like me.  Well, you can ask for another one but I have to see you use it or I won't do that again.  JK

Just try it today and see what all the excitement is about.  You won't regret it!

Lawrence M 

What's the Difference in CBD Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

CBD oil and CBD Hemp Oil are the exact same thing. 

CBD comes from the hemp plant and so it's actually the very same thing.  CBD is just one active ingredient in the Hemp plant grown for health and wellness.

The real questions are far more important...

- Why do some companies call it CBD Oil and others call it Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

- Is it important to be Organic?

- What is the difference between Organic and Certified Organic?

- What liquid is used to "carry" the CBD into the body?  Why is it important?

These and so many other critical questions are going to be answered right here and it will help you find the best Organic CBD Hemp Oil for your health and wellness. 

Why do some companies call it CBD Oil and others call it Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?  CBD became the big attractor to those who were seeking relief from pain, swelling, sleeplessness, joint pain and other issues. CBD does not have THC which are the hallucinogenics that make marijuana the controversial plant that many want to use for medicinal purposes.  However, mariguana is grown for it's potency in THC and yes, it is still the Hemp plant also, just named marijuana because of the THC and classified as a drug.   But that is just the beginning of the story...

CBD is only one active ingredient in the Hemp plant.  CBD is a cannibinoid and there are close to a hundred cannibinoid's in the Hemp plant that connect with the cannibinoidal system in the body.  Oh, you haven't heard about the cannibinoidal system in the body.  Just being discovered a few years ago, they are still researching the way the cannibinoidal system works in the body and why a Full Spectrom Hemp oil is so very corrective in restoring the body to a healthy state.  Full Spectrum means that the Hemp oil contains all the cannibinoids that are available for the body to use to restore health and wellness. 

Summary - It's important to be knowledgable and then wise in making decisions for your health and wellness.  Without knowledge, we can pick products and food that do not serve us well and in fact, can be toxic and even poisonous to our bodies.  Recognizing that CBD oil is only part of the equation and recognizing that Full Spectrum means a better product is good knowledge to have.  Deciding to use Full Spectrum instead of compromising for something far less is called wisdom and your body and your mind will thank you for it... because you will feel and live a better life. 

Be Well...

Next Blog - Is it Important to be Organic?

      Lawrence M Law

herbalist, motivator, restorer

How Do I Get Well

Monday, April 29, 2019

How Do I Get Well - is a blog about getting well the healthy way. 


It's about using natural products or whole, certified organic foods to help restore the body into a good balance so it can heal itself.


If you are at all interested in becoming healthy or overcoming illness, then you need to keep coming back to get the latest, greatest info on what to do to get healthy.


Remember!  There are NO Incurrable Diseases! 


Everything is possible with your health, so keep having hope and learn what works for you. 


Enjoy Life, Love Unconditionally and Be Well. 


     Lawrence M Law

herbalist, motivator, restorer

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